Behind the scenes pictures show Shed Seven working on new album

11 Jul 2017 @ 10.03 pm
| Entertainment

Last month Shed Seven finished their first new studio album in 16 years.

It’s another chapter in the York band’s remarkable history. And there to capture it was a team from video production company Digifish.

The Sheds were hard at work on the album at a recording studio in Spain, before adding the finishing touches in London.

Songwriter and guitarist Paul Banks is also the creative director of York-based Digifish Ltd, and he introduced the film crew to the rest of the band.

Music and sunshine

Guitarist and songwriter Paul Banks
They arrived on the band’s day off, which meant things were very relaxed and by the sun kissed glow of Rick, they had been enjoying the sun that day.

Digifish were then introduced to Youth, the band’s producer, and Michael, the sound engineer.

The company began every day with capturing the sunrise coming up over the Sierra Nevada mountain, to grab those all important establishing shots in and around the studio, which producer Youth had suitably named Space Mountain.

Around mid morning, the band would all go down into the studio, where they would begin playing the song that they were to record that day.

Some of the Polaroid pictures taken by the band

This was the part of the day where Digifish were able to move around the studio more with the camera and get up close to the action.

With any camera pointed in someone’s face, it’s always difficult to find the balance between not being intrusive on the guys when they were recording, because they need to stay in their own creative zone and be focused on the recording.

Laughs, excitement and surprise

The Shed’s producer, Youth
At the end of each day, the band headed down to the mixing room where youth and Michael would have a rough mix of the track Shed Seven had recorded that day.

It was a great opportunity for Digifish to capture the laughs, excitement and surprise and all the other emotions that came out when the band heard the full mix of the track for the first time.

Every member of the band has their own individual characters and living under the same roof for that week, really allowed Digifish to capture not only their individual musical abilities but also their own characters outside of the recording room.

Digifish even caught the bassist, Tom, rapping to Youth one night! When interviewing Alan about each track he got confused and thought we had finished the interview when Digifish read Thank You; and they weren’t even halfway through the interview.

A spokesperson for the video company said: “The journey that Shed Seven are on is really inspiring.

“The album is sounding amazing and we are all incredibly excited to see where it is going to take them this time around.”

There’s no release date for the new album as yet. As the band say on their Facebook page, “We need to make sure every element is perfect… the mix, the artwork etc. All good things…”