Asleep at the wheel! Purpleman invents the bicycle-bed for 72-hour challenge

Purpleman takes to his bed. Photographs: Richard McDougall
13 Jun 2018 @ 1.34 pm
| Charity

This is Purpleman as you’ve never seen him before.

The street artist is trying out his latest invention – the bicycle bed. It means he can catch 40 purple winks without leaving his trusty two-wheeler.

He has created it for the first time for a 72-hour stint in the saddle to raise funds for the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

And he will need the occasional shut-eye to keep him going during this mammoth stint.

One hour for each victim

Looks very comfortable… PM from above

Purpleman began his bikeathon at 11am today (Wednesday, June 13). And he won’t finish till 11am on Saturday.

“It is one hour for every victim,” Purpleman said. “This is 100% unpolitical, just an expression of love.”

The terrible blaze at Grenfell Tower broke out a year ago, at 12.54am on June 15. At that exact time on Thursday PM will begin 72 minutes of silence.

Purpleman added:

‘If, with an impure mind someone thinks, acts or speaks then, inevitably, unhappiness follows them like a never departing shadow’ – to paraphrase Budda.

Grenfel casts a giant shadow in our hearts because of impure thoughts and actions. People and the planet should always come before profit.

The solution is not political, its in our minds. A change of mindset from greed to love.

Minster Police watch

Love is all you need

Purpleman has seen for himself the devastation. Last year he delivered flowers and messages of support from the people of York to those affected by the tragedy.

Purpleman in front of the fire-wrecked Grenfell Tower

His 72-hour marathon is an epic undertaking, and he would love your support.

“People are welcome to light candles, write in book and bring food,” he said.

PM will be on Stonegate for most of the time, retiring to outside York Minster for quick naps.

He has permission from the church authorities to pitch up his bike bed next to the Roman column in the piazza. And the Minster Police will be keeing an eye on him.

His latest fundraiser follows more than 22 hours in the saddle for the Manchester Arena bomb victims, a year after that atrocity.

Go along and support PM in person, or tweet your support with the hashtag #72hours4Grenfell.