The art to see in York right now – November 2016

First Light by Edward Hersey, at York Fine Arts
16 Nov 2016 @ 3.14 pm
| Entertainment

Since the clocks went back at the end of October the evenings have been getting a whole lot darker.

So bring a bit of light into your life by exploring the art scene this month.

You won’t find a better cure for the winter blues and maybe you’ll be motivated to spend the months of hibernation ahead embarking on your own creative quest.

Here are some events and exhibitions to get on on your way.

50 shades of human @ Castle Gallery

Detail from Creation, by Nick Joly at Castle Gallery

They say it’s the little things that matter.

Nic Joly is one artist who seems to agree with this idea, tackling big ideas about humanity and society through his arrangement of lillipution characters around potent symbols of identity.

His current travelling exhibition, Being Human, opened at York Castle Gallery this week.

The collection seeks to ‘cast a satirical spotlight on human nature, and the myriad shades of good and bad within us all.’

Intrigued? So are we.

Classic charm @ York Fine Arts

Summer Farm, by Edward Hersey, at York Fine Art Gallery

You will find a charming combination of the real and the ideal at York Fine Arts this month with their collection of original artwork from artists Edward Hersey and Gordon Lees.

A double act of idyll and nostalgia, this is the perfect pairing of painters to capture the beauty and mystique of the British landscape with details that will enchant the viewer.

If the turning of the seasons gets you down this month, you will find the antidote at York Fine Arts from 18 November.

All the elements @ Lotte Inch

A detail from The Salt Wind Blows, by Steven Williams, at Lotte Inch Gallery

No sooner does Lotte Inch say goodbye to its latest fantastic exhibition than the gallery welcomes another uniquely stunning collection of art.

Sea : Land is an exhibition which encompasses all the elements of landscape artwork from a number of innovative and celebrated artists.

From the distant horizon to the ground beneath our feet, this show captures all that is enthralling about the world around us; wild and tame, near and far, ethereal and substantial- the world is depicted in all its guises and in a variety of mediums.

The exhibition opens 18 November and will run until the end of December.

A northern master @ Whitewall Gallery

Clifford’s Tower York, by L. S. Lowry, copyright the Lowry Estate

LS Lowry is one of the most celebrated artists to come out of the North in the early 20th century and has transfixed art-lovers worldwide ever since.

This month a travelling exhibition of his work will be making a brief stop-over in Whitewall Gallery on the weekend 19 – 20 November.

This is a brief chance to feast your eyes on this master’s eminent work so get down to the gallery while you can.

You could even to get your hands on an original Lowry – if your pockets are deep enough.