Ambulance couldn’t reach heart attack victim ‘because of badly parked cars’

A new parking permit scheme is set to be rolled out as quickly as possible – after a man suffering from a heart attack reportedly could not be reached by an ambulance because of badly parked cars.

Another neighbour was reportedly stuck for five days – as her car was blocked in at her house by other vehicles – a resident told councillors.

A residents’ parking scheme will now be rolled out in Badger Hill near the University of York as surveys show parking in the area has got worse, due to staff and students leaving cars in residential streets.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, executive member for transport, has said the scheme should be put in place quickly and possibly even before students return.

He said: “I think the priority for residents is to actually get something done and to put it to have it in place by October when the students return.

“I accept that that’s a challenge we may not be able to meet given the the workload – but we certainly will have more of a fighting chance to get it in place if we move straight to a traffic order.”

University will pay

Councillors discuss the ResPark scheme

The university would pay for the residents parking scheme and permits until 2024, when the plans will be reviewed and residents will need to pay for permits.

A resident told the transport meeting that roads were blocked to wider vehicles and when his brother had a heart attack two years ago the ambulance could not get to him. He said another resident was “completely blocked into her her four five days last year”.

Badger Hill and the streets round the University of York. Photograph © Google Street View

Streets included in the scheme

The streets which would get a ResPark zone paid for by the university are: Barstow Avenue, Devon Place, Garrow Hill, Garrow Hill Avenue, Green Dykes Lane, Heslington Road, Kexby Avenue, Newland Park Close, Newland Park Drive, Thief Lane, University Road, Lamel Street, Newland Park Drive, Norman Street, Siward Street, Beaufort Close, Quant Mews, Sails Drive, Windmill Lane, Bishops Way, Brentwood Crescent, Crossways, Deramore Drive, Deramore Drive West, Eastfield Court, Eastfield Crescent, Field Lane, Fernway, Kimberlow Woods Hill, Sussex Close, Sussex Road, Vanburgh Drive, Yarborough Way.

Cllr Michael Pavlovic added: “Be under no illusion, these residents who have endured thoughtless inconsiderate parking for years have been desperate for something to be done.

“Many gave up hope and moved away.”

Jon Edison, chair of Badger Hill Community Group, said non-residential parking has “escalated to become a major point of frustration for the residents of Badger Hill”.

He said: “Now the job is to get the scheme done in as short as possible time.”

Parking would be restricted between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, under the plans.