Acid attack on York taxi – Driver says she was deliberately targeted

The results of the acid attack on Wendy Loveday's taxi
31 Jan 2018 @ 8.25 am
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This is the result of an acid attack on a taxi parked outside its owner’s home.

And the driver is sure she was deliberately targeted.

Wendy Loveday, chair of the York Private Hire Association and a shareholder at Fleetways Taxis, says it is only good luck which prevented her being burned by the acid.

“It just makes me feel angry that somebody thinks it’s all right to target a female taxi driver in York,” she said.

“I’m shocked that people would do this.”

She discovered the vandalism on Sunday morning (January 28). “It was covered in some sort of acid substance, all over it,” Wendy said.

“It’s burnt away all the paint off the panels of my car.”

Could have been burned

Damage to the side of the car

Some of the acid was on the handle of the car. Wendy said:

Normally I start a 5 o’clock shift on a Sunday morning and I would not have seen that.

And I would definitely have burnt my hands on it – I might have reacted not knowing what it is and touched my face, anything could have happened.

Wendy has no doubt that her car was picked out.

“I’ve just been targeted because there’s four other cabs that are parked in my car park.

“They’ve had to walk or drive past all of those to get to my car. There are also 50 other cars there.

“No other car was touched – just mine.”

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Damage at the front

Wendy said she has received a lot of support from the taxi trade in York – and the donations she’s received will cover the cost of the repairs.

Until that’s done she won’t be able to use that car as a taxi as her vehicle licence has been suspended.

Police are investigating.