34 photographs of life in York in the 1980s

Participants in a 1983 cycle festival ride along Deangate and Goodramgate. Photographs © Allan Harris on Flickr
30 Apr 2019 @ 8.11 pm
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It was the decade of Thatcher and Reagan, Dallas and Dynasty, Duran Duran and The Smiths.

In terms of York’s long history these photographs weren’t taken that long ago. But the city in the 1980s was significantly different to the one we live in today.

Allan Harris has been chronicling York for decades – and these are from his collection of pictures of York in the Eighties.

You can see them all on Allan’s Flickr feed.

A very talented photographer, Allan won the InnTravel Slow Moments competition with an image from Mandalay earlier this year.

So… what do you remember about York in the era of the yuppies and the big shoulder pad?

Eighties gallery

People chill out on Tower Street in 1985 – note the old fire engine in the background
Entertainment in St Sampson’s Square in 1985

This building is now part of the Missoula Bar on Bridge Street – taken in 1985

An icy Ouse, from 1985

Fairly new in 1985, this is the Coppergate Centre
Little Stonegate looking towards its big brother in 1985
Allan came across this accident close to Earswick in 1983
The Yorkshire Evening Press was still operating from this building in 1982 – now City Screen and other venues
York Insignia used to sit below Minerva in 1982
When you could still park by York Minster in 1982
Woodsmill had not long been closed in 1982
This King’s Staith building was a private house in 1982 before it became a riverside restaurant
Gone but not forgotten, Scott the butcher, home of York ham, in 1980
York from the air in 1986
Can you spot many changes from 33 years ago?
Ouse Bridge looking through to cars parked on King’s Staith in 1986
Buskers on the streets in 1986
Street artists at work in 1986
The Eye of York in 1986. In the top right, archaeologists are digging through the old Redfearn site

The river at sunset in 1986

In 1985 York Minster is still bandaged up after the disastrous fire the previous year

You can see the plastic roofing on the Minster in this view of York from 1985 too
Open your bank account, Britain…
What was the North Eastern rail HQ in 1985, long before it was the Grand Hotel
Taylors Tearooms on Stonegate in 1982 – now Little Betty’s
We can spot Mascot Furs and Kong Restaurant on this shot of Stonegate in 1982
Lendal Bridge from the air in 1986
The Coppergate dig is uncovering Jorvik, 1981
Emperor’s Wharf before gentrification – 1982
A red tower sculpture outside York Art Gallery in 1987
Prince Andrew hits town in 1987
Juggling with fire in 1986
What was Naburn Hospital, now the site of York Designer Outlet