Our comments policy

We have updated our comments policy. In essence, people must use their real name on comments on YorkMix from now on. To learn more, read on. If you want to submit a comment use the form below.

To encourage respectful, honest debate we now only allow comments on our stories where the author of the comment is identified – with one exception (see below).

You can do this by either commenting using the Facebook comments box at the bottom of each article. To do this you need to be logged into a current Facebook account.

Or you can comment using the form below, supplying your real name and contact details.

We will then endeavour to verify your identity, check the comment to ensure it abides by common standards of legality, decency and respect, and if it does, publish it ASAP at the foot of the relevant article.

Withholding your name

In some circumstances a person may be able to contribute a valid point to a debate, but have a legitimate reason for wishing to remain unidentified.

We will publish comments from authors with their identity hidden – if the author would put themselves at risk of harm by being identified. Examples of such a risk would be a whistleblower whose job would be put in jeopardy if they were identified, or someone who feared significant reprisals from those in the community they sought to criticise.

The form below allows you to submit such a comment, to be published under ‘Name supplied’.

NB We still require you to supply us with your name and contact details, but you can withhold your name from publication by not granting consent on the form.

For both Facebook and non-Facebook comments, we reserve the right to moderate or delete comments if we have doubts as to the identity of the author, or if the comments breach common standards of legality, decency and respect.

If you want to get in touch with us about this policy, or anything else please do, via our contact page.

All contact information submitted on this form will be used in connection with YorkMix comments only. None of your information will be shared with anyone. Read our privacy policy here.